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Saint Vitus

Feast day: 15. June.

The name is derived from Latin and means ‘life-giving’.

The son of a wealthy pagan family, Vitus was sent as a child to be brought up by his parents, Modestus and Crescensia, who Vitus’s father did not know were devout Christians. He returned diligent and educated, but also as a defender of the Christian faith. His father sent him to the judge to scare him into abandoning the Christian faith. But he remained firm and did not reject faith. The Emperor had Vitus and his tutor thrown into a cauldron of hot lead and tortured to death.

Patron saint of youth, of apothecaries, innkeepers, brewers, vine-growers, bakers, of the deaf and dumb, of dancers and actors, of domestic animals, against epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions, intercessor in times of need.