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Saint Heribert of Cologne

His feast day is on March 16th

The name in Old German means “bright army.”

Heribert, consecrated priest, served as the chancellor of Emperor Otto III. As the emperor’s closest collaborator and personal friend, he accompanied him on all his journeys, including the one in Italy where Otto III passed away. He was entrusted with the imperial regalia, which became a source of conflict between him and the emperor’s successor, Henry. Henry wanted to claim them immediately and threw Heribert into prison, forcing him to surrender the treasure. Resentment lasted for some time, but they later reconciled, and Heribert continued to serve the new emperor faithfully. During one of his many official visits, he fell ill with a fever and passed away.

Patron saint of the city of Deutz, Germany, and invoked against drought.

Name Variations Heri, Bert, Heriberto, Herbie, Bertie, Heribertus, Heribertin, Heriberty, Heribertson, Heriberton.