Francis Solanus

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Saint Francis Solanus

Celebrated: on July 14.

The name in Old German means “free”.

Francis began his service in Spain, where he was also born. In 1589, he embarked as a missionary to South America to work with the indigenous people. He was accepted into the Franciscan convent in Lima. Over fifteen years of missionary work, following the example of the American apostles, he preached the gospel and baptized thousands of indigenous people. He healed the sick, advised leaders, and preached to the people, being considered a messenger of God by all. Later, Francis became the guardian of the Franciscan convent of the Queen of Angels in Lima, where he astonished everyone with miracles. He was given the name “the wonderworker of the New World.” Because of his virtue, he was admired throughout the Americas.

Patron of: Various places in South America have proclaimed him a special patron, following the example of Lima. He is also the patron saint of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Franciscan missions, and the missionary society.

Variations of the name: Francis, Fran, Frank, Frankie, Franny, Francy, Franciscus.