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Saint Ambrose

Feast day: December 7th.

The name originates from Greek and means ‘immortal.’

Saint Ambrose, born around 340, was an exceptionally talented orator and lawyer who later moved to Rome. Despite his initial status as a non-Christian, he assumed the role of Bishop of Milan in 374. After taking on the episcopal function, he dedicated himself entirely to Christian doctrine and pastoral work, deepening his faith and leadership in the church.
His greatest spiritual transformation occurred after a miraculous event led to his election as bishop. This event led to his conversion to Christianity, which had a long-lasting impact on his life and work.
Saint Ambrose died in 397 and was buried in Milan. Nevertheless, his legacy remains alive and significant for Christianity. In addition to his theological contributions, he is also known for his influence on liturgical music and remains one of the respected saints honored worldwide. He introduced congregational singing into worship, composed several hymns and songs in simple form and language, and set them to music. Therefore, he is rightfully called the ‘father of Latin church hymnody.’ One of the most notable results of his efforts was the conversion of Saint Augustine, which attests to his remarkable role in the spread and consolidation of the Christian faith in the early Middle Ages.

Patron saint of: bees, beekeepers, candlemakers, domestic animals, the cities of Milan and Bologna, teachers, and theologians.

Variants of name: Ambrogino, Ambrogio, Ambroise, Ambrose, Ambrosio, Ambrus