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Saint Paul

Feast day: June 29th.

The name originates from Latin and means ‘small, simple.’

Saint Paul, an apostle and an important figure in Christianity, was born in Tarsus, now in Turkey, after the death and resurrection of Jesus. A former persecutor of Christians, Paul, after his conversion, which happened on the road to Damascus when he had a vision of Jesus Christ, transformed him and directed him towards serving Christianity. After this event, Paul dedicated himself to spreading the Christian faith throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean and wrote many important letters that became part of the New Testament. His teachings shaped Christian theology, emphasizing salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and the unity of the Christian community. Despite not meeting Jesus during his lifetime, Paul successfully spread Christianity and left an indelible influence on this faith.

Patron Saint: laborers, weavers, basket makers, and carpet weavers, theologians, Catholic press, rain, protects against infertility of fields, ear diseases, fear, and seizures.

Variants of the name: Pol, Paul, Pohl, Pole, Poul, Poule