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Saint Hildegard of Stein

Her feast day is celebrated on February 5th

The name originates from German words “hild,” meaning battle, and “gard,” meaning enclosure.

Hildegard, known as Hildegard in German, was a noblewoman from Carinthia who lived in the Stein Castle in Podjuna. After her husband’s death, she gave the castle to her son, Saint Albinus. There are several legends about her, all of which are related to domestic violence. In each of them, divine intervention occurs at a crucial moment, leading her husband to repent and seek forgiveness. One version of the story tells that out of jealousy, her husband pushed Hildegard out of a window, but an angel saved her from falling and carried her to safety.

Name variations: Hildegard, Hilda, Hildy, Garda, Hildegarda, Hilde, Gardi, Hildie, Hil, Gardie.