Anthony of Padua

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Saint Anthony of Padua

Feast day: June 13th.

The name originates from Latin and means ‘strong, priceless.’

Saint Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese Catholic priest and belonged to the Franciscan Order. He was highly regarded for his gift of preaching and teaching, as well as his devotion to prayer. He desired to spread the Christian faith even among Muslims, despite the risk to his own life. He was one of the greatest devotees of Saint Francis of Assisi.
According to one legend, Saint Anthony lost his prayer book in his monastic environment. Later, the book was found and returned to him, which became known as a miraculous event. This story significantly contributed to the development of Anthony’s role as the patron saint of lost things and the seeker of lost items.

Patron saint of: lovers, couples, women and children, the poor, travelers, bakers, miners, Franciscans, the city of Padua, Lisbon, orphans, prisoners, shipwrecked, the lost and oppressed, animals, and lost items. He is recommended for a happy childbirth, overcoming infertility, healing from fever, livestock diseases, preventing shipwrecks, protection from wartime distress, and the plague.”

Name variations:  Anathony, Anfernee, Anothony, Antajuan, Antanee, Antanie, Antavas, Ante, Antenee, Anthan, Anthany, Anthey, Anthjuan, Anthney, Anthone, Anthonee, Anthoney, Anthonie, Anthonio, Anthonou, Anthoy, Antione, Antjuan, Anto, Antoine, Anton, Antoni, Antonio, Antonius, Antony, Antuan, Antun, Tonio, Tony