Size and materials

Modern technology allows us to preserve our heritage of folk paintings both on the original glass medium and also with updated media, keeping the tradition alive while allowing some more modern presentations and choices.
In addition to glass replica paintings of 18th and 19th century folk designs, we also offer these paintings on other media including wood and acrylic. All paintings are available in various sizes and formats on any of these media.

Choose your favorite combination!


Size options

   S   43 x 62 mm (magnet)

   M  62 x 90 mm

   L  90 x 130 mm

   XL  130 x 180 mm

   XXL  180 x 240 mm

You can also order a custom size via mail.

Optional Printed Brown Frame

Available with Small, Medium and Large size wood paintings.

To order, choose ‘Printed Brown Frame’ on the order form.

Written name on the front side

Traditionally, the paintings were subtitled with the name of the patron saint. Our painting has the official name of the saint, but we can change it at your request, or completely remove the white banner.

For example:

Instead of St. John the Baptist, it could say St. Ivan, Johnny, Johannes, Eoin, Jonas or some other name.

Enter the desired name in the ‘Additional Options’ box under the selected image motif.

Personalized back side

Large size paintings  have a short life story of the patron, his/her feast day and the origin of the name on the back. (Scenes from the Bible and other non-patron pictures have only the title of the scene on the back.)

Medium size paintings have the name of the patron saint and the date of his/her feast day on the back.

All painting sizes can have a personal dedication, greeting, prayer, etc. placed on the back at your request. (Note that Small size painting (magnets) can only have a very short saying.) To order, enter your desired text in the “Additional Options” box under the selected options for the painting.

Display options

M, L, XL and XXL wood pictures have a slot on the back for easy hanging.
S and M have an embedded magnet for use on a metal surface.

As an additional option, we offer a solid wood stand or an acrylic rack that allows you to easily place an image on a table or shelf. The size of the base or stand varies with the size of the image.


Like the original folk paintings, any image can be on the back of the glass, giving them a wonderful shine.

These images are one size only (110 x 150 mm) and offered with a silver or gold frame.

The patron saint paintings have the name of the saint printed at the bottom which can be customized or deleted if desired. To customize, indicate your preference under “ADDITIONAL OPTIONS” on the item.


The acrylic magnets are 43 x 62 mm and are available in an oval or rectangular shape.

The images have a magnet on the back for use on metal or magnetic surfaces. They can also be displayed on an acrylic stand, that you can order under the “addtitional options”.